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Elements For Lovers to Do in Lithuania

Lithuania is a beautiful country, which has a lot to supply couples. By hot air balloon autos to exploring the natural beauty of nature, there are a broad variety of things for couples to do in Lithuania.

Take a trip to Vingis Park

A gorgeous park on the outskirts of Vilnius, Vingis Park is a great place to spend the day and relax. It includes 400 plot of home gardens, forests, and event spaces, so you can really escape from the city.

Visit the Art gallery of Genocide Victims

A brief history of Lithuania is a painful you, with the Museum of Genocide Victims, you may learn more about it. The new powerful tip of how tough life was under Stalin, with models of self applied chambers and execution lands.

Require a00 hike in the Hill of Witches

In the event you’re in the state of mind for a bit of ascending, head up to the Mountain of Werewolves, a popular tourist attraction. It is mystical wooden carvings have been completely a way to fascination for many, and you could explore the internet site in a variety of ways.

Eat Cepelinai

If you love gustful strong gamy palatable potato dumplings, try out Cepelinai, the national dish of Lithuania. This potato pancake is formed like a Zeppelin and is filled with meat or vegetables fillings before simply being boiled or fried.

Build a structure out of coins

The moment Lithuania adopted the euro his or her currency, two students set out to build a monument. Simply by stacking a million pennies, they will created a tower that may be worth 10, 1000 euros!

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